Longford Row would like to thank family, friends, and our music fans for supporting our band and the music we played for nine years, throughout Vermont, New England and beyond.

We have chosen to "table" Longford Row performances for now, as band members find new ways to express their musical interests, and pursue professional careers. Look for Longford Row to join together from time-to-time in the future, at reunions or special events, to enjoy friendship and to bring our sound back together.

Three of Longford Row's musicians are continuing to play together on a regular basis: Lead singer Pat McKenzie has been joined by mandolin player Gerry Feenan, banjo player Marshall Paulsen, and multi instrumental player and singer Katelyn McKenzie, to form the ensemble Rowan ("the second cutting"). Visit the Rowan facebook page and website for music clips, photos and video, as well as upcoming shows.

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